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And Stars Collide – The Courage To Start Again – Album Review

And Stars Collide – The Courage To Start Again – Album Review
Website: www.andstarscollide.com
Fans Of: Maybeshewill, Explosions In The Sky, Umber
Label: Self Release
Download This: Whatever Happens, When Our Eyes First Met
Genre(s): Post Rock, Soundscape, Progressive Rock
Release Date: 18/07/11

It’s a good job that I’m happy to admit I’m a little bonkers, I occasionally have a little chatter to myself and I’m sure you do too. However, it’s not often I find myself disagreeing with my own opinion. …And Stars Collide’s album, The Courage to Start Again, was one such topic where I couldn’t agree with myself.

This release by …And Stars Collide is essentially a typical post-rock release. Well, a typical post-rock release of sorts. It has the classical elements expected from such an album in this genre, yet it’s lacking somewhere. I just wish I could put my finger on it.

Finally after two minutes into the opening track ‘Corridors’, something kicks and eventually begins to warm up. Bearing in mind the introduction had me thinking ‘oh dear’, it could only get better from there really. Thankfully, the album seems to pick up at the end of the second track ‘When Our Eyes First Met’. ‘Together We Glimpsed the Heavens’ starts off in a pretty lovely way too.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is definitely not a bad album, it’s just, I’m sorry to use the word, bland. This is where I find myself having a little dispute with my thoughts. Sometimes I can really get into The Courage To Start Again and think, yeah this is pretty darn good. There are other times I think ‘oh man, heard this before and done better’.

Clearly …And Stars Collide know their genre of choice. They can play their instruments and are clearly capable musicians. I’d like to think that after a good demonstration of such capability, that …And Stars Collide take up the courage mentioned in the album title and step up for their next release and produce a right corker.

Track Listing

1 Corridors
2 When Our Eyes First Met
3 Together We Glimpsed the Heavens
4 Whatever Happens
5 Sky Weeps and Stars Collide
6 Ships in the Night
7 Courage to Start Again

Head here to purchase the album >>> http://music.andstarscollide.com/