LostAlone – The Shapes of Screams – Album Review

LostAlone - The Shapes of Screams


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Foxy Shazam Release New Album For Free - Gonzo


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Black Moth – Download Some “Chicken Shit” Right Now

For the last year or so things have been bubbling away up in Yorkshire,
with a nascent heavy scene threatening to spread outwards and devour all
in its path. Witness the rise of Pulled Apart By Horses and the soon
come heaviness of Hawk Eyes, Gentlemens Pistols, Kong, Castrovalva, and
NHS’s own Bradford riffmeisters Cut Yourself In Half. Well if it’s about
to break, New Heavy Sounds is going to give it a kick to get it on its

Two acclaimed ‘scene defining’ NHS compilations of utterly crushing
heaviosity put Leeds’ New Heavy Sounds signings Black Moth alongside the
likes of Mojo Fury, DZ Deathrays, Computers, Tweak Bird, The Sword and
their like. So now is time for New Heavy Sounds to unshackle the first
long player by Black Moth.

And just to get you in the mood, NHS are offering free, gratis and for
nothing, a little taster of what’s to come. Chicken Shit is taken from
their debut album and you better believe us, that it’s guaranteed to
ravage tender ears, upset the musical literati and get yo’ ‘ead bangin’.

At the production helm, is the awesome Jim Sclavunos, stixman for
Grinderman/Bad Seeds, connoisseur of the mixing console and the man who
brought us the latest Jim Jones Review album. He’s skilfully magnified
Black Moth’s already lobotomisingly sharp points to Sabbath sized peaks.

From its super sludge chord beginning, through the break-neck
thrash-punk squall, to the mordant laughter at its end, Chicken Shit is
2 minutes 50 seconds of no compromise, a full on menacing wall of heavy,
pounding riff and throb, shot through with the strychnine howl of
Harriet Bevan’s vocals.

Long live the new heavy, praise Lucifer and pass the crushed glass in
aspic. Get set to be savaged.

Upcoming shows:

5th May – Live At Leeds, Leeds

6th May – Camden Crawl, London