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Daytrader – Twelve Years – Album Review

Daytrader – Twelve Years – Album Review
Website: www.facebook.com/daytraderny
Fans Of: Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Menzingers
Label: Rise Records
Download This: Deadfriends, Firebreather
Genre(s): Rock, Emo,
Release Date: 08/05/12

Daytrader released their first EP back in January 2011 to much rumpus. Here we are, fourteen months down the line with a slightly new line up and their debut album Twelve Years, which sadly can only be described as a middle of the road emo effort. If anything I could have sworn I’d already heard a much better version of this album released earlier in the year, oh yeah that’s right, The Menzingers released On The Impossible Past back in February and I’d highly recommend you to go and pick up a copy of that instead.

Twelve Years is great if you fancy ten tracks of terribly average and inoffensive Jimmy Eat World B Sides (from their calmer later years) which you’ll struggle to find any distinction between. The vocals sound not too dissimilar to Nate Ruess from fun./ The Format, but without his quirkiness or ability for can’t-shake-it out-of-your-head hooks. All of the guitars are strummed continuously throughout each track and I can’t help but feel it would have worked better as a much more acoustic affair along the lines of Dashboard Confessional. There just seems to be something lacking in the energy of Twelve Years. Hell, the artwork on Twelve Years doesn’t even really suit the music, looking more like a macabre scene from an Xbox Live Arcade game (I’m thinking Limbo here) than the cover for an album of dreary songs about broken relationships.

In all fairness it’s not all that bad. The opening couple of tracks are probably the best, but it’s a genre already flooded with mediocre bands which have flogged this formula to death. Unfortunately for Daytrader, they seem destined to rest sullenly alongside the rest of them.

Track Listing

1. Deadfriends
2. If You Need It
3. Firebreather
4. Skin & Bones
5. Lost Between The Coasts
6. After-Image
7. Struggle With Me
8. Silver Graves
9. Heard It In A Song
10. Letter To A Former Lover