LostAlone – The Shapes of Screams – Album Review

LostAlone - The Shapes of Screams


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DC4 – Electric Ministry – Album Review

DC4 – Electric Ministry – Album Review
Website: www.facebook.com/DC4HardRock
Fans Of: AC/DC, Velvet Revolver, Seven
Label: Metal Blade
Download This: Electric Ministry, XXX
Genre(s): Hard Rock
Release Date: 02/08/11

Opening up with an intro track that sounds like someone welding, with ‘Wrecktory’ DC4 set the tone for an album that puts together many classic rock influences with a modern hard rocking edge. The title track opens up with ferocity. ‘Electric Ministry’ is great, in the style of AC/DC, combining driving riffs and rising guitar sounds to create a great, shouty track. Coupled with a great solo, it’s a track you could imagine singing/shouting after a few beers. So far so good!

Third track ‘XXX’ does exactly what it says on the tin! A debauched track with ‘moaning’ girls sampled over the top of the sound, it’s fairly cheesy but ultimately a lot of fun.

The album progresses at the same high voltage speed with album middler, ‘Broken Soul’, is an absolute gem of a track: eight and a half minutes long, laden with slow intro building into a chugging rock epic, complete with a great vocal and some stunning guitar work. DC4 show their softer side with ‘The Ballad Of Rock And Roll’, a standard ballad affair with token climactic solo. The album picks up a little more pace towards the end before ‘Dirty Hands’ closes the album with a ‘lighter in the air’ track complete with piano and acoustic fade out.

The years of experience in Dio, Armored Saint and even the luminary Odin provide the backbone to what is, overall, a great album and I would love to see these guys live. I can see these songs creating a great, old fashioned, beer soaked rock and roll atmosphere.

DC4 “XXX” by Metal Blade Records

Track Listing

01. Wrecktory
02. Electric Ministry
03. XXX
04. Rock God
05. 25 to Life
06. Broken Soul
07. People
08. The Ballad of Rock and Roll
09. Glitter Girl
10. Sociopath
11. Dirty Hands