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Exumer – Fire And Damnation – Album Review

Exumer – Fire And Damnation – Album Review
Website: www.facebook.com/exumerofficial
Fans Of: Slayer, Exodus
Label: Metal Blade
Download This: Fallen Saint, Fire And Damnation
Genre(s): Thrash
Release Date: 10/04/12

Imagine a world where the internet was the stuff of the future, a world where Matthew Broderick stuck his wired phone on some kind of receptacle and a few whirrs and dings later, he was causing World War 3. Imagine how us primitives had to purchase music in these dark times? Well folks, back in this bleak era when all of my friends were in a world of Duran Duran and Wham!, a chap like myself would have to catch us a bus and travel 20 or so miles into the heart of metal itself, Birmingham, to visit the hallowed ground of Tempest Records. I would go there with the intent of acquiring a new album based on a few scrappy bits of info. I may have been lucky enough to hear a track on the Tommy Vance Friday Night Rock Show, I may even have read a review in Kerrang that I would take as Gospel or I may have just seen one of the cooler kids with a patch on his denim jacket of said band that had been loving stitched on by his mom. Once there, I would spend hours pouring over the covers before deciding what to spend my paper round money on. And then I would have to take the 20 mile trip back home before I could find out if my purchase was hit or miss. It was on one of these trips that I returned home with Exumer – Possessed By Fire.

Skip forward a quarter of a century (fuck me) and imagine my surprise when I see Fire And Damnation sat staring at me from my inbox. So much has changed since those heady days; fashions have come and gone as have Duran Duran who have come back again, but the good news is Exumer are just as relevant as they ever were. Whilst many new bands are trying to emulate the past, these guys have embraced it and given it an injection of extra beef.

Exumer met at a Slayer gig though you would be forgiven to think that they were actually concieved, born and lived their entire lives being forcefed the first three Slayer albums. This is no bad thing. What Exumer do is take those essential ingredients, mix ’em up a little with a modern production akin to Exodus or Testament and spit out an album that is an absolute riot. They seem to have been practicing away for the last 25 years, sharpening riffs and plotting for this release.

You can stick a pin in for a favourite track, the quality is consistent from the swaggering Exodus style opening riff of the title track through to the galloping closer ‘Tribal Furies’. ‘Fallen Saint’ provides my personal highlight and running at nearly 4 minutes, it reaches near epic lengths when compared to its brothers on the album, with even time for a cheeky little mid paced section. There are no airs and graces, why should there be? The double crunch tone guitars, the punchiest snare and crispest cymbals all deliver a textbook metal album.

Thrash, to me, has always been a fun genre. Fire and Damnation captures that very essence. Clocking in at a healthy 33 minutes, Exumer storm their way through at a top end pace. Chances are that if you have ever picked up a guitar you would have knocked out one of these riffs. And whilst that may sound like the album is predictable or cliched, to me it feels like an old friend, and one that I’m welcoming with open arms. Fire and Damnation really is no frills, balls out, honest thrash that can’t fail to put a smile on your face.

Track List

1. Fire & Damnation (3:16)
2. Vermin of the Sky (3:16)
3. The Weakest Limb (3:50)
4. New Morality (3:07 )
5. Waking the Fire (3:13)
6. Fallen Saint (3:54)
7. Crushing Point (3:01)
8. Devil Chaser (2:42)
9. I Dare You (3:40)
10. Tribal Furies (3:31)