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Firewind – Few Against Many – Album Review

Firewind – Few Against Many – Album Review
Website: http://www.facebook.com/firewindofficial
Fans Of: Ozzy Osbourne, Powerwolf, Dream Evil
Label: Century Media
Download This: Losing My Mind
Genre(s): Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Release Date: 21/05/12

There isn’t a person on earth that would question Gus G’s work ethic; since the release of Firewind’s breakthrough album, Allegiance, in July 2006, he has been a constant whirlwind of Heavy Metal servitude. Between then and now he has put out two critically and commercially well received albums, toured extensively with the band, as well as Arch Enemy. Considering his incredible talent it was of little surprise when Ozzy Osbourne took him on as the replacement to the legend that is Zakk Wylde. With this much on his plate, it’s only natural to question whether Firewind’s latest album, Few Against Many, can live up to the high standard of previous releases when it’s received later this month.

The first track, appropriately named ‘Wall of Sound’, immediately dispels any of those worries. As soon as the stabbing guitars give way to a memorable and hummable riff, you know there is certainly no lack of inspiration in the Firewind camp. The track (and also certain other parts of the album) has a certain Symphony X feel to it, with the dark and melodic riffs providing a perfect backdrop for Apollo Papathanasio’s ever impressive vocal acrobatics.

‘Losing My Mind’ shows the wide range of song writing that the band can produce. A long intro gives way to a driven, muted, classic metal riff that would give Judas Priest a run for their money. Despite all this delicious riff-centric build up, it will be the chorus breakdown when Apollo wails ‘I’m losing my miiiiind’ that sticks with you days after you’ve listened to the record.

While Gus G’s talents as a master axe-man have never been in doubt, his ability to create tight, powerful riffs which never overpower the track that is really impressive. It’s hard not to wonder whether playing riffs written by legends such as Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde and Michael Amott haven’t had a lasting influence on the way he writes music. While previous albums had great hooks and riffs, there seems to be a stronger emphasis on putting the pedal to the metal riffs instead of power metal-esque melodies on Few Against Many. This rejuvenated aggression seems to suit the band to a tee.

Overall it’s another top notch mix between power and traditional metal with obvious European influences. Firewind are flying the flag for European metal all over the world, and what a glorious flag it is.

Track Listing

1. Wall Of Sound
2. Losing My Mind
3. Few Against Many
4. The Undying Fire
5. Another Dimension
6. Glorious
7. Edge Of A Dream
8. Destiny
9. Long Gone Tomorrow
10. No Heroes, No Sinners