LostAlone – The Shapes of Screams – Album Review

LostAlone - The Shapes of Screams


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Grand Magus – The Hunt – Album Review

Grand Magus – The Hunt – Album Review
Website: www.facebook.com/grandmagusofficial
Fans Of: Spiritual Beggars, Candlemass, Wolf
Label: Nuclear Blast
Download This: Starlight Slaughter, Son Of The Last Breath, Valhalla Rising
Genre(s): Heavy Metal,
Release Date: 25/05/12

When the torches of Gondor are lit, the question remains; will there be an answer? In the direst of circumstances, one hopes the Great Ones do respond. On The Hunt, it is clear that Grand Magus would not only provide the soundtrack to the march into glory, they’d probably bash in a ton of Orc skulls on the way.

Grand Magus take a straightforward and classic approach to heavy metal; combining great rhythms with well-placed solos to create a rich atmosphere. The songs are not easily forgotten and without a doubt will stick in your head for days. Songs like ‘Valhalla Rising’ go from riffs that groove to powerful vocals that conjure images of men fighting through adversity to triumph.

I had been waiting for Grand Magus to put together this album, and it was worth it. What separates this from their other albums is how Christoffersson’s vocals have truly become an undisputable force. On the amazing track ‘Son Of The Last Breath’, he goes from gut wrenching delivery to towering, inspirational singing that is so impressive, you will hum it everywhere! I am sure there is a lot of Swedish imagery and tradition built into the lyrics, but even as I drove the highways of New Jersey, I felt as if an attack of Wildings was near!

Don’t get me wrong, everything you loved about Grand Magus is still there, but with The Hunt, I hope they get the notoriety they deserve. This is a focused group that kicks-ass while also conjuring a spectrum of emotions not seen in other more one-dimensional type bands.

If you want to have a ton of tunes to hum during your work day and also be inspired to take the heads off anyone in your way, The Hunt is for you. Just be careful who you send to Valhalla! Highly recommended.

Download the track “The Hunt” from the same-titled album as MP3 for free!

Download the track Valhalla Rising from HERE

Track Listing

01. Starlight Slaughter
02. Sword Of The Ocean
03. Valhalla Rising
04. Storm King
05. Silver Moon
06. The Hunt
07. Son Of The Last Breath
Part I: Nattfödd
Part II: Vedergällning
08. Iron Hand
09. Draksådd