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Kreator – Phantom Antichrist – Album Review

Kreator – Phantom Antichrist – Album Review
Website: http://kreator-terrorzone.de/
Fans Of: Testament, Exodus, Overkill
Label: Nuclear Blast
Download This: Phantom Antichrist, Your Heaven My Hell
Genre(s): Thrash
Release Date: 01/06/12

Doing anything for 30 years is an accomplishment. Doing it at a high level for the majority of those years is astounding.

For Kreator, their latest album Phantom Antichrist does the impossible by combining the best of thrash metal’s past and present, while pointing an inverted cross directly into the future!

Founding members Millie Petrozza and Ventor Reil have put together a collection of songs that takes advantage of all their experience; blending the band’s talent to kreate a thrash masterpiece. The sound on Phantom Antichrist is that of a band fully in control and confident with every note they play.

Drums are massive. Nothing gets lost in the mix. The guitar work borders on shred-worship. I can honestly say, there are times that Kreator sounds like they have possessed their instruments and are forcing them to play whatever they say. I have visions of the fretboards spontaneously combusting after they play these songs live. And I still feel like that after several spins.

Songs like ‘From Flood to Fire’ raise the bar on guitar wizardry. Solos explode like shrapnel, and seem to push boundaries from minute to minute. For songs that carry messages of brutality, death and crushing of skulls – there is also beauty in their construction. Switching from chugging riffs to thick bass lines to soaring soundscapes towering above the Misty Mountains; it’s all here.

Every song on Phantom Antichrist completely stands on its own, offering a joy in discovery few albums I’ve heard this year can match. ‘Your Heaven, My Hell’ is a showcase for Millie’s vocal delivery and the lyrics are everything a thrash masterpiece should be; smart, brutal and emotional…almost personal.

Kreator is on a mission with this release – to show everyone how thrash metal can be monumental and essential if done with passion… and in this case, the Passion of the Antichrist! This is a must for any metal fan.

Track Listing

01. Mars Mantra
02. Phantom Antichrist
03. Death to the World
04. From Flood into Fire
05. Civilization Collapse
06. United in Hate
07. The Few the Proud, the Broken
08. Your Heaven my Hell
09. Victory will Come
10. Until our Paths cross again

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