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Mother Mother – Eureka – Album Review

Mother Mother – Eureka – Album Review
Website: www.mothermothersite.com
Fans Of: Ok Go, The Hush Sound
Label: Last Gang Records
Download This: Baby Don't Dance, Problems, Simply Simple
Genre(s): Indie Pop
Release Date: 02/05/11

Mother Mother is a 5-piece indie-pop outfit from Vancouver Canada. “Eureka” is their third album to date and the first I’ve heard. They style themselves as avante-pop, whatever that means…

Honestly, I don’t understand the intro to this album; the first 5 seconds are totally meaningless. I’m not a fan of pointless, protracted intros so gladly this confusion is over in a very short time. The first song “Chasing it Down” sounds like Modest Mouse, if Brett Anderson from Suede were singing. It’s a very vocal driven, nicely balanced track with a dramatic middle-8. Not sure I’d have picked this as an opener but there you go. It could have been a great pop song, but rambles on pointlessly at the end as if they couldn’t think how to finish it. After three minutes, I wanted it to be over. “The Stand,” again, I’m not sure what they were trying to do. It has an annoying chorus I skipped after a minute and a half.

“Baby Don’t Dance” is another with an unfathomable intro to it. It has a lovely little chirpy chorus but the verses are just a loosely constructed mess of incoherent ideas and more irritating vocals. That’s pretty much the theme for this album, annoying vocals, jagged cuts between ideas, no real flow at all… I think I understand what they wanted to achieve, but they’re trying too hard. I’m honestly not familiar with their other work, I don’t know whether this is just the style, but it’s not for me I’m afraid.

Half way through the album, we strike gold! “Problems” is a lovely, textbook pop song. Three and a half minutes, laid-back feel to it, reminds me of the 90s, are we finally getting somewhere? “Aspiring Fires” and “Getaway” are instantly forgettable, dull, hookless rambles. “Far in Time” picks up a bit again with a bit of grit and a raw edge to it with crunchy guitars and a great hook in the chorus. This carries through to “Oleander” with a bass driven motif and powerful refrain. “Calm me Down,” the last track on the album has tasty driving feel to it and a delectable build up into ultimately, a damp squib of a chorus.

The album is a collection of three-minute pop songs essentially, but ultimately forgetable pop songs. Mother Mother are very accomplished musicians, that much is evident, but for me, they have no real spark. There’s nothing in this album to lift them above the sea of other indie-pop groups vying for attention. It would help if they knew what they were trying to achieve themselves, or at least collect similar themes together to make a complete song. There are lots of ideas in “Eureka” and good ones too, just no coherence. Highlights are “Baby Don’t Dance,” “Problems” and “Far in Time,” but even so, for me, they don’t shine that much.

Track Listing

1. Chasing It Down
2. The Stand
3. Baby Don’t Dance
4. Original Spin
5. Born in a Flash
6. Simply Simple
7. Problems
8. Aspiring Fires
9. Getaway
10. Far in Time
11. Oleander
12. Calm Me Down