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Nervecell – Psychogenocide – Album Review

Nervecell – Psychogenocide – Album Review
Website: www.nervecell.net
Fans Of: Vader, Suffocation, Nile
Label: Lifeforce Records
Download This: Amok Doctrine
Genre(s): Old School Death / Modern Thrash
Release Date: 02/05/11 (UK) 29/04/11 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

No matter what comes to your mind when you think of Dubai (U.A.E) I can almost certainly guarantee that death metal won’t be one of them. Even the most diehard metalhead would struggle name any Middle Eastern metal bands, so it’s understandable that my expectations for “Psychogenicide: Nervecell’s sophomore release weren’t exactly high. This was a big mistake and one I will not being making again!

This an album that will remind you of just how brutal and effective death metal can be, make no mistake this album is old school death metal through and through. There are no deathcore squeals or gimmicks here. Clearly inspired by bands such as Suffocation, Morbid Angel and Nile, Nervecell take elements which made these bands so popular and add elements of their Middle Eastern roots.

The album starts off with a dark ominous intro track that draws upon the band’s Arabic roots and leaves you totally unprepared for the aural assault that is about to hit you at the beginning of second track ‘Upon An Epidemic Scheme’. The unrelenting pace and breakneck riffs squeezed into under 5 minutes is a taster for the brutality ahead. The band have a great understanding of how to keep interest throughout tracks by changing riffs and pace at a dizzying rate, never staying to long on one particular part of a song. ‘Amok Doctrine’ is a great example of this and also contains some of the best riffs on the album. The song also contains one of the short melodic passages that are used extremely well throughout the album.

Karl Sanders (Nile) provides backing vocalist to one of the more intriguing tacks on the album, Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness). Not only does the track feature Sanders guest vocals, it is also the metal track to contain both Arabic & English lyrics. The combination of James Khazaal and Sanders vocals is incredibly effective and leads me to hope that the band use this combination of Arabic lyrics and a guest vocalist on future releases.

After such an impressive second outing it is time for Nervecell to receive praise not only for being one of the first Middle Eastern death metal bands to gain serious attention, but also for being an old school death metal band with a promising career ahead of them.

Track Listing:

1. Anemic Assurgency
2. Upon An Epidemic Scheme
3. All Eyes On Them
4. Amok Doctrine
5. Psychogenocide
6. Imprint
?7. ???? – Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)
8. The Taste Of Betrayal
9. Driven By Nescience
10. Nation’s Plague