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Overkill – The Electric Age – Album Review

Overkill – The Electric Age – Album Review
Website: www.wreckingcrew.com
Fans Of: Testament, Exodus, Havok
Label: Nuclear Blast
Download This: Drop The Hammer
Genre(s): Thrash
Release Date: 27/03/12

Now into their fourth decade, Overkill have been through their fair share of turmoil over the years. With Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth and D.D. Verni the only remaining members from the original 1980 line up, this New Jersey thrash band have now released their sixteenth studio album.

This is one of the bands I grew up listening to, along with Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and so on. They were one of the reasons I became hooked on metal and they taught me everything I know (which some would argue isn’t much!).

Overkill have always been good at offering fans a good dose of intense, fast metal. ‘The Electric Age’ does nothing to disappoint. They know what works, they know what their fans like and they just keep dishing it up.

Some would argue that they lack originality or individuality, but what they do, they do well. If a band is going to keep churning out music that doesn’t evolve much over the years, it has to be so good that the listener forgets previous albums. Overkill do this.

In true Overkill fashion the tracks are in your face with no grace, dignity or subtlety. From the minute they kick off with ‘Come And Get It’, Overkill hit it hard and heavy, with speedy guitar riffs, drums you can’t keep up with and vocals so fast, it’s tiring to listen to.

What stands out on this album is the air of intensity; this isn’t just a fast album, this is an aggressive album. The drumming from Ron Lipnicki is like a set of canons going off, the ferocity is earth shattering. Tie this into tracks like ‘Drop The Hammer’, where the guitars and are exploding with a sense of urgency that is reinforced by the vocal offering. The effect is mind-blowing.

People who have followed Overkill through the decades will love this album because it has all of the elements of classic Overkill whilst keeping the tracks interesting and an intense listen. Newcomers to the band (where have you been?!) will enjoy this because it’s bloody good thrash from a band who have been around from the beginning of the genre and know what it’s supposed to sound like.

Overall, this album comes with a health warning…you may end up with a pretty sore neck after listening to it!

Track Listing

1. Come and Get It – 6:17
2. Electric Rattlesnake – 6:19
3. Wish You Were Dead – 4:19
4. Black Daze – 3:55
5. Save Yourself – 3:43
6. Drop the Hammer Down – 6:25
7. 21st Century Man – 4:12
8. Old Wounds, New Scars – 4:11
9. All Over But the Shouting – 5:30
10.Good Night – 5:36

OVERKILL - The Electric Age