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Revocation – Chaos Of Forms – Album Review

Revocation – Chaos Of Forms – Album Review
Website: www.myspace.com/revocation
Fans Of: Megadeth, Cannibal Corpse, Origin
Label: Relapse Records
Download This: Harlot, Cradle Robber
Genre(s): Tech Death Metal / Thrash Metal / Metal
Release Date: 16/08/11 (US) 05/09/11 (Internationally)

The great Greek playwright Euripides once said “The variety of all things forms a pleasure.” I think it’s possible that he was speaking about Revocation’s new album Chaos of Forms; which combines the best metal has to offer with staggering musicianship – creating one of the most intense and enjoyable thrash albums I’ve heard this year.

Like alchemists, Revocation uses thrash as a base – then add parts of Megadeth, Origin and even Cannibal Corpse to the mix. Dave Davidson and Dan Gargiulo have hit their stride, with solos covering almost every conceivable genre. Look no further then ‘Conjuring the Cataclysm’ for evidence. This track opens with a blues-infused romp that turns into heavy riffs before plunging into neck-snapping territory. On the technical side, the wizardry on ‘The Watchers’ is truly breathtaking.

There are surprises everywhere. ‘The Watchers’ includes a Kansas-inspired keyboard extravaganza morphing into galloping guitar. Not to be shortchanged, Mr. Davidson can play guitar AND sing his ass off. One of the shortcomings of the previous album Existence is Futile was the occasional flat delivery and pretty standard lyrics. This time, songs like ‘Harlot’ boast death vocals, while others include choruses and even… harmonies!

Production is about as good as it gets, with well-placed jazzy/proggy spots allowing some time to breathe during the usual rampaging pace. Drums and bass don’t just compliment the guitars; they provide a backbone that lifts the music even higher.

Due to its diversity, Chaos of Forms offers the listener a rare opportunity of discovery. You punch up the first song, take a deep breath and just enjoy the journey. Like an explorer; as one song ends you can’t wait to hear what the next track holds.

This album brings me all the way back to being 17, driving down The Shore on a hot, humid night – blaring thrash in my beat up blue Camaro till it rattled the doors. This is a gift from the Thrash Gods. A pleasure made to savor again and again.

Track Listing

1. Cretin (3:03)
2. Cradle Robber (4:25)
3. Harlot (2:51)
4. Dissolution Ritual (4:37)
5. Conjuring the Cataclysm (4:34)
6. No Funeral (3:55)
7. Fractal Entity (1:43)
8. Chaos of Forms (4:30)
9. The Watchers (4:12)
10. Beloved Horrifier (4:09)
11. Dethroned (4:57)
12. Reprogrammed (4:03)