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Rose Funeral – Gates Of Punishment – Album Review

Rose Funeral – Gates Of Punishment – Album Review
Website: www.facebook.com/rosefuneralmusic
Fans Of: Morbid Angel, The Black Dahlia Murder
Label: Metal Blade
Download This: Gates of Punishment, Grotesque Indulgence, Beyond the Entombed
Genre(s): Death Metal, Deathcore
Release Date: 27/09/11

Frank Zappa once said a mind works best when it’s open. I took this to heart when listening to Rose Funeral’s newest album Gates of Punishment. While many tend to ‘dis’ any type of ‘core’ other than hardcore, this album has just as many killer solos as breakdowns – making it well worth a listen.

These are dudes with serious chops. After a brief intro, ‘Grotesque Mutilation’ let’s each musician shine, with Dusty Boles’ drumming providing some of the most inspired jackhammer pummelings I’ve felt in a long time. I’m a sucker for an early-in-the-song solo, and this song delivers the goods.

There are thick, metal riffs on almost every song and the production is amazingly crisp. One of the highlights of the album is the dual-vocal track ‘False Divine’. Former Morbid Angel frontman Steve Tucker joins Julian Kersey to create a layer of frenetic energy to the dark atmosphere.

While the overall heaviness running through Gates of Punishment puts the death in ‘deathcore’, there are some surprising moments too. There’s some beautiful vocals on ‘Malignant Amour’; provided by an opera singer from their hometown of Cincinnati.

Violins are juxtaposed against aggression on several songs, giving the music some texture. The melody is there, but on Gates of Punishment, it never overshadows the brutality.

Rose Funeral definitely breaks from the pack with this effort. Recommended.

Track Listing

1. Legions Of Ruination (2:18)
2. Grotesque Indulgence (3:57)
3. Beyond The Entombed (4:08)
4. False Divine (Feat. Steve Tucker) (4:41)
5. Arise Infernal Existence (4:34)
6. Malignant Amour (Feat. Kate Alexander) (4:57)
7. A Recreant Canticle (1:40)
8. The Desolate Form (4:36)
9. Entercism (4:37)
10. Amidst Gehenna (3:32)
11. Gates Of Punishment (5:03)