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Say, Anything – Anarchy My Dear – Album Review

Say, Anything – Anarchy My Dear – Album Review
Website: www.facebook.com/sayanything
Fans Of: Saves The Day, Motion City Soundtrack,
Label: Equal Vision
Download This: So Good, The Stephen Hawking
Genre(s): Rock, Punk Rock
Release Date: 12/03/12

Retreating back to an indie label could generate speculation that Say, Anything are intent on producing a stripped down, divested, from the heart, stonker of an album. They are wrong. Anarchy My Dear suggests a prankishly punk rock themed package, but instead delivers nuance, refinement and cultivation in small morsels of bratty-pop anthems. Each of the eleven tracks instructs the listener (via Bemis’ screeches) to shrug off the troubles of society, stick two fingers up to the naysayers and live life to the full; a far cry from the bands previous ‘life sucks’ attitude. Opening track ‘Burn A Miracle’, an industrious hand clapping number, full of sheltered synths and jumbled guitars, instantly gives off the albums new flavour.

‘Admit It Again!’, the follow up from …Is Real Boy favourite ‘Admit It’, is the driving force of the album and where most of the attention is focused. A clearly hacked off Max spits through 4′ 13″ of pure rant, focusing his acidic energy at ‘lecherous douches’ and the current state of the music industry, by taking swipes at Rihanna and Satan (a supposed stab at the Illuminati?). There are genuine spurts of brilliance in the form of ‘So Good’ in which Bemis removes his cloak of empowerment and instead the enshrouded instrumentation pours with sentimental anguish just enough to make you realise that Say, Anything have the potential to be simply brilliant. Then there’s the audacious ‘The Stephen Hawking’, intertwining daintily through hushed vocals and soft guitar strings.

48 minutes later though, the thrill has almost certainly worn off. Angsty and overproduced, Say, Anything’s fifth offering is let down by general messiness and their enduring battle to shake up the conventional expectations of their repertoire.
Lyrically, Say, Anything have delved further into subcultures, beliefs and romanticism than ever before with just the right dose of maturity and development. However it’s hard to ignore the rather ‘all talk and no action’ stigma that is hanging like a bad smell around Anarchy My Dear. Nobody can knock the bands talent at understanding realism, but it just comes across as contrived and lacking in soul and depth.

Track Listing

01. Burn A Miracle
02. Say Anything
03. Night’s Song
04. Admit It Again
05. So Good
06. Sheep
07. Peace Out
08. Overbiter
09. Of Steel
10. Anarchy, My Dear
11. The Stephen Hawking