LostAlone – The Shapes of Screams – Album Review

LostAlone - The Shapes of Screams


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Foxy Shazam Release New Album For Free - Gonzo


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The Amity Affliction – Youngbloods – Album Review

The Amity Affliction – Youngbloods – Album Review
Website: http://www.facebook.com/theamityafflictionofficial
Fans Of: Funeral For A Friend, Parkway Drive
Label: Roadrunner Records
Download This: I Hate Hartley
Genre(s): Metalcore, Post Hardcore
Release Date: 24/10/11

There are a million and one bands who sound like The Amity Affliction. Synthy, screamy & melodic, all shoved into one mashed-up mess. The thing is, as Bobby Boucher once said, “I enjoys it”. Out of all of the reviews I’ve already done, this is the only band I’ve had on my iPod (or even heard of for that matter) before being asked to review them. That alone excited me to the prospect of listening to Youngbloods.

Furious and gentle, tough and soft, this band are a cliché of modern rock music and look like another band in a growing trend of these types of bands. Their target audience will most certainly be angst-ridden teens who hate the world and want a release, but the fact is, they do it so well.

I can see big things for The Amnity Affliction’s future. They would fit nicely being the main support for a band like Bring Me The Horizon or even in the second support slot for arena bands, such as 30 Seconds To Mars or Bullet For My Valentine. Their music would work in a huge venue too.

I was impressed with Youngbloods as a whole, but I feel there’s something missing. I’m ultimately not sure what that is, but I hope they can fill the gap in the future because they have the potential to be HUGE.

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2 Anchors
3 H.M.A.S. Lookback
4 Fire Or Knife
5 Youngbloods
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8 No Sleep ‘Til Brisbane
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