LostAlone – The Shapes of Screams – Album Review

LostAlone - The Shapes of Screams


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The Rotted – Ad Nauseam – Album Review

The Rotted – Ad Nauseam – Album Review
Website: http://www.therotted.com/
Fans Of: Entombed, Lock Up, Black Breath
Label: Candlelight
Download This: Surrounded By Skulls
Genre(s): D-Beat, Old School Death Metal
Release Date: 31/10/11

When Gorerotted’s last album A New Dawn For The Dead (hmmm…has a nice, familiar ring) was released, it wasn’t just the end of a band name – it was the beginning of a new chapter in heaviness and brutality. Rising from the ashes, The Rotted’s second full length album Ad Nauseam firmly establishes their sound; and it hits like a death metal D-beat club to the head.

I enjoyed The Rotted’s first album Get Dead or Die Trying, but it still seemed to give a big nod to the themes of Gorerotted. While, the dark tones of death and mutilation were still there, gone were the sometimes limiting palette of horror-inspired lyrics and sounds.

On Ad Nauseam, the band is confident and comfortable with themselves, and it really creates an amazing atmosphere. Ben McCrow’s vocals are insane in both lyrics and delivery. The drums are thunderous and when the guitars are added in, The Rotted sound is complete.

A standout track ‘Surrounded By Skulls’ totally crushes, with a punk/groove that has now become a hallmark of the band. Blast beats and growls abound, but the production is tight and every note seems to have a purpose. The layers of sound make multiple listens a must. At just under 40 minutes, I found it perfect for drowning out the horror of my daily commute.

Speaking of horror, ‘The Hammer of Witches’ has all the screams, wails and creep factor of Gorerotted, but sounds massive and crisp. If you want to scare the living hell out of trick or treaters this Halloween, play the absolute creepfest closer ‘Put Me Out of Your Misery’. Its 5 minutes of gutter scraping goodness – with a beat you can move to, zombie style!

With all the pummeling sound, The Rotted still manage to bring in some fun with songs like ‘Motörbastärds’, a crust-punk monster with a killer groove. This entire album is a treat. Ad Nauseam should easily be added to any metal want list.

Track Listing

1.Anarchogram Sun
2.Rex Oblivione
3.Surrounded By Skulls
4.Non Serviam
5.Just Add Nauseam
6.Entering The Arena Of The Unwell
7.The House Of Bedlam
8.Apathy In The UK
10.The Hammer Of Witches
11.Put Me Out Of Your Misery